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Last Minute Offers:

 (004) 0728 070007
Regular price: 35€/night
Rental period:
21 Jul - 23 Jul
Last Minute price: 30€/night
Last Minute Apartment AP23
Regular price: 43€/night
Rental period:
22 Jul - 24 Jul
Last Minute price: 35€/night
Last Minute Apartment AP22
Check this last minute accomodation offers. Last minute prices are only valid for the rental periods listed above, and are subject of availability.
Last Minute Updated on Tuesday, July 17th

Welcome to EastComfort the home of serviced Bucharest apartment rentals

EastComfort's purpose is to help you acquire the proper Accommodation in Bucharest, Romania, in a secure and pleasant environment. We display a wide range of well-managed Bucharest accommodation, short-stay apartments for leisure or business. Select one of our Bucharest apartment rentals, if you want more from your stay in Bucharest.
AP2 Apartment Central
Bucharest Apartment In front of Bucharest Mall, on Branduselor Street.
In front of Bucharest Mall, on Branduselor Street.
1 room 1-2 guests short/long term  
Accomodation for:    1-3 nights   4-7 nights   8-19 nights   20-30 nights
Price per night :  32 € 30 € 28 € 26 €
In order to get cheap accommodation in Bucuresti, you have to rent this wide studio apartment, due to its large windows and the ceiling light-spots, creates a warm atmosphere. Highly furnished, the studio comprises a night corner (double bed, a ...
AP42 Apartment Central
Bucharest Apartment Kogalniceanu Square near Hotel Venetia
Kogalniceanu Square near Hotel Venetia
2 rooms 2 guests short/long term  
Accomodation for:    1-3 nights   4-7 nights   8-19 nights   20-30 nights
Price per night :  37 € 35 € 33 € 30 €
Located in Kogalniceanu Square, the apartment is decorated in a modern style. There were used relaxing colors. In the brightly living room one can find a comfortable sofa and a coffee table. The American style kitchen has everything you need. In ...
AP45 Apartment Central
Bucharest Apartment Blvd. Decebal Nr9
Blvd. Decebal Nr9
2 rooms 1-4 guests short/long term  
Accomodation for:    1-3 nights   4-7 nights   8-19 nights   20-30 nights
Price per night :  43 € 39 € 37 € 35 €
Eastcomfort Romania rental apartments are an alternative to hotel for the lower prices, central location, intimacy and, most of all, the warm, personal outlook that should not miss from any rental apartment. This pleasant lodging unit is placed in ...
AP3 Apartment Central
Bucharest Apartment Victoriei Square
Victoriei Square
1 room 1-2 guests short/long term  
Accomodation for:    1-3 nights   4-7 nights   8-19 nights   20-30 nights
Price per night :  33 € 30 € 29 € 27 €
Like all our apartments, this stylish studio-appartment offers comfortable accomodation. The flat comprises a hall entrance opens into a full sized bed room which, on one hand being proper for customary daily activities (a dining table with chairs, ...
AP43 Apartment Central
Bucharest Apartment Romana Square, Lahovary Square
Romana Square, Lahovary Square
1 room 1-2 guests short/long term  
Accomodation for:    1-3 nights   4-7 nights   8-19 nights   20-30 nights
Price per night :  35 € 33 € 31 € 28 €
This studio has the best location in a quite area, without noise suitable for your accommodation. Located downtown Bucharest, in Romana Square offers the oportunity to explore and feel the beat of Bucharest. This studio has a very comfortable room ...
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Why EastComfort Romania ?

image of accommodation bucharest Your Accommodation is Our Business
Simply because you will choose in the easiest way possible the comfort that you always dreamed of! Just take a look at our apartment's photos, and imagine yourself lying down in the living room of your own flat - your temporary stay here in Bucharest.
Apartments in Bucharest offers good alternative to Bucharest hotels. EastComfort is specialized in short term rental apartments in Bucharest, Romania.

We carefully chose each apartment, within walking distance to restaurants, cafes, ATM, banks, supermarkets, taxi stations. For more details please see our Bucharest apartments gallery.
Go out whenever you choose to do it, and return without thinking that the reception might be closed! Choose a perfect apartment for your independent way of living. We will be honored to have you as our client!
Location, Privacy and Comfort
All our apartments are located in the central areas of Bucharest, modern spaces and sense of comfort, fully equipped, nestled in the central areas of Bucharest, apartments for rent offer a better value for your money.

Our clients comments:

Krause (Usa) : Thank you for your hospitality during our travel. So much fun but so cold!!! Thanks for making our holiday so pleasant making the reservations. Ohh, yesss.... probably I couldn't bear the frost no longer without that great heating system in the apartment. I had terrible problems finding suitable accommodation for us (we are not gullible or dupable,but unfortunately very pretentious). Nice website..clear explanations and photos. So much pleased with your company.
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