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Spending free time in Bucharest

Bucharest, capital city sometimes called “Little Paris” is the place where many of us go to other destinations. But why not just a destination Bucharest itself? Has shown so many things that may not have noticed yet. This article is for anyone who want to discover Bucharest the other day and the now.


Before any need to know how to get in Bucharest, and that our vehicles are provided.

If you come then we can choose DN1 from Oradea, Arad our choice whether we would be DN1, DN3 from Constanta is, if we travel by car. Even here we can choose: to travel by car or rent a car or minibus from EuroCars.

We have the possibility to travel by train or plane, for convenience, and then we rent a car in Bucharest without relying on public transport.

But not solve all transportation problems related to organization, especially if we want to spend several days in town.


It would be advisable to seek an accommodation before. We can rent a room at a hotel in Bucharest, or a pension. But of course, there is always a solution, and it would be apartments in Bucharest in Bucharest, along with much lower price than hotel rooms, we offer several facilities: fully equipped kitchen, free wireless internet, home cinema system , air conditioning, etc.. Do not forget any special offers for a hotel.

Transportation provided, as well as accommodation, we just have to hit the road.

Tourist attractions

I think everyone has heard at least once the House of People or Parliament House, which is ranked 2 in the world after the Pentagon, in terms of area. You should not miss in any way. Imposing architecture, monumental sculptures, decorative floors, ceilings lacy long line of saloons, galleries, theaters and halls of huge dimensions contributed to placing the buildings in Guinness Book.

People can visit the house every day.

Another monument that contribute to as “Little Paris’ Arc de Triomphe is erected to commemorate Romania’s participation in World War I. Road at the junction with Avenue Paul Kiselev Constantine Prezan. Inside the arch is held a small museum, and there possibillity to climb up the spring to take photos or admire the entire city.

Other important buildings are Romanian Athenaeum, National Opera, CEC Building, National Military, the Inn’s Inn.

Natural History Museum Gregory Antipas, recently renovated, can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 – 20:00. Museum organizes various workshops for both adults and children. List of museums, palaces, churches are very long, but now we turn our attention and for such activities.

May want to watch a theater performance, then we can choose between the Odeon Theatre, Bulandra Theatre or Theatre Nottara pieces.

Or if you are passionate of movies, Hollywood Multiplex, Cinema City Cotroceni or Movieplex Cinema Plaza, are just some of the cinemas that await the latest news.

You can also visit the Botanical Garden, where you will find an oasis of calm and relaxation. And the Zoo can be visited daily from 9-17.

A walk through the Park Youth Cismigiu or e Herastrau and a great way to meet the capital.


What use would be a trip if we did return with some souvenirs. We can choose between a variety of shopping malls, such as Union Shopping Center, Bucharest Mall, Plaza Romania, Militari Shopping Center, etc..


In Bucharest you will also find restaurants with American, Arabian, Belgian, French, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Portuguese, Mexican, Romanian, etc.. In few words I could say worldwide cuisine in one city.

Free time

Teahouses, casinos, discos, pubs, cafes and terraces are also places where you can meet new people and you forget stress.

Bucharest has wonderful people, spectacular places, waiting to be discovered and appreciated at their true value. Now not only have to set the date and start the road trip!